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    Alright, so I went through every post about this subject, but can’t seem to find a straight answer. I have downloaded the step-by-step directions to redirect my blog ( to my blog (

    When I go to my settings to add to the domains, it asks for credits. There is no place to purchase credits for this, and I’m not taken to a page where I can purchase credits. Not in gifts, not anywhere. I tried sending a gift to myself but it won’t let me do that.

    What do I do? I’m getting sick of losing hits because people going to my now-defunct blog.

    The blog I need help with is



    That is not how it works. That is absolutely NOT how it works. Those are the instructions to attach an existing domain name to a blog, not to do a redirect from a blog to an existing blog somewhere else.

    Set your blog to have a static front page called We’ve Moved To ILOVEHORROR.NET and put a big, juicy link to that right in the middle of the page. Take the Recent Posts widget out of the sidebar, along with other navigational widgets, so people aren’t tempted to stick around


    There have been a couple others complain of this. You will probably have to contact staff directly on it at .



    Ok, so the “How to Redirect a blog” instructions I downloaded that tells me how to do what you just said can’t be done is total BS?


    I think he is talking about the redirecting trick with domain mapping. Ilovehorror, have you read this support document on it: ?



    Well, it’s not exactly working, is it?



    And yes, I think he is talking about attempting the redirect trick, but as far as I can recall there is nowhere in that which requires purchasing credits.



    God yes. I’ve read it all. The problem is not HOW to redirect, it’s where to buy the damned credits so I can redirect.

    For raincoaster, from the guide I have:

    “Moving from a blog to your own domain is very easy–if you
    know how. Problem is, and we recently discovered this while trying to move to , there is very little
    information online telling you how to do it, and the information that was
    available was confusing or plain wrong.
    As a result we have created this document to help anyone that gets stuck. Hope
    it’s helpful! ”


    Yes, you have to purchase the domain mapping upgrade in order to do the redirect.



    Again, I know this. There is just no option for this anywhere that I can see.


    There is some sort of “kink” in the domain mapping works it seems. A couple people said they typed in the domain they wanted, it said it was available, but they could not go any further. Supposedly you are then taken to a page where you can pay via paypal for the domain and domain mapping – or in this case the mapping alone.


    Contact staff is all I can suggest.



    When I go to the Domains tab and type in my real domain (, I’m taken to a page that says I need to purchase credits.

    There is NO place to do this for domain mapping anywhere. I get this response: “Domain mapping is available for 9.97 credits per domain per year, registration not included. You have 0 credits. You will have to purchase additional credits via PayPal. Note that some forms of payment (eChecks) may take several days to process.”

    Now, if I put in a domain that isn’t already registered it takes me to a page where I can purchase credits. But I already have the domain.


    Contact support. I’m almost thinking that there is a step missing from that redirect support document.



    hello just testing somthing only a begginner



    ok so the username zambucca is the name i chose can I chang that on my blog or is that visable all the time.


    You can change the title and tagline that appears at the top of the blog by going to settings > general in your dashboard. Make sure and click “save changes” when done.

    You cannot however change the URL of the blog. You would have to create a new blog with the new URL and then transfer your stuff over to the new blog.


    And welcome to wordpress. A few things to note.

    First if your subject is not the same as other threads in the forums, start a new thread rather than posting a question on a different subject into an existing thread.

    Second, although the search function here in the forums leave something to be desired, almost every question has already been answered, and a quick search will typically get your answer quickly. If you can’t find the answer in the forums, there are also the FAQ pages and the support pages, both of which have a vast wealth of information on virtually all aspects of blogging here. If you are unable to find your answers in the forum, faq or support pages searches, by all means post a question here. Volunteers are around all the time and are more than willing to help out.

    Third, always provide a link to your blog when asking a question since most times we need to see the blog in order to help you, and it will save you and the volunteers here in the forums a lot of time.



    Thanks very much for that much needed advice.


    You’re welcome.

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