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    I’ve moved my site to self-hosted wordpress and setup a paid redirect in (from to
    However, I’ve found at least one URL that is still accessible and is not redirected:

    How is this possible?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi tsukikame,

    Seems like the variables (/?iframe=true&preview=true/feed/) in the URL maybe breaking the redirect.

    I will tag the thread for MODLOOK, So that a Happiness Engineer can help you further with this.

    Alexander G.



    Yes please. Thank you.



    Hi there!

    While we’re waiting for a Happiness Engineer to get here, may I ask when you did the redirect? Sometimes it takes a while for changes like this to propagate throughout the internet. It’s usually anywhere between 24 – 72 hours. If you did the redirect recently, perhaps it’s still propagating.

    I hope that helps!



    Sure, I set up the redirect around a month ago and just randomly noticed this case where it is not working (when clicking on a Google result).



    Hi there,

    That’s the URL for a post preview, that you use to see what a draft post will look like before you publish it. That is not redirected, because it’s not the actual permalink for the post.

    As it’s not the permalink it also shouldn’t be indexed in search engines at all, so I find it very strange that you found it via a Google search result. Was it the main link of the search result, or was it embedded in the excerpt of text showing in the search result? If it was embedded in an excerpt, it means you must at some point have linked to the post preview instead of the actual post. That’s the only way I can think of that would make that URL appear there.



    Thank you for the quick response. That explains. Unfortunately I don’t remember what I was searching for on Google when the result came up. However, it’s good to know that it’s probably limited to this one site. It is totally possible that it was linked to by mistake at some point…



    Another option is that your site was embedded via iframe in another site, and it’s the embed link from that site that’s indexed. Either way, the regular links to your site are being redirected properly, and as long as you keep publishing new content regularly, search engines should recognise the new URL as the authoritative one, so the other should gradually drop from results.

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