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    I have paid the $10 to redirect to It was previously working, but now does not seem to be. Does anyone know what I can try to get this to work again?



    If you have paid to domain-map to to, then in Upgrades > Domains, you should see a “Put blog here” next to the domain. Click that link.


    I tried that – didn’t work. maybe its my server that is having the issue… because like I said – it was previously working and all of a sudden today it’s not.



    When did you buy the domain mapping? And when did you change the name servers for Recently? In that case, it may not be fully propagated all through the Internet yet.


    I bought the domain mapping the end of last month and changed it that same time. Yesterday was the blog. Today, it’s not.


    You’re best bet it to contact staff directly.



    Same thing just happened to me… was redirecting and now it’s not. What did you find out?



    WordPress does a 302 Re-direct. Can we switch that to a 301 anyway? Im going to lose all my pagerank now because I got scammed into upgrading.

    This is ridiculous. If I revert back to my URL I just lose $15.



    Stick it out. Google will catch on, usually within one or two months, that your new URL is not a new blog but the same one and then it will bounce back instantly. And your old one is still functioning anyway. No need to change anything else now.

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