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Redirect old domain to new domain, how ?

  1. Okay so before you guys draw any conclusions from the title please read the following.

    So I have a main site that is named "" and now one of my sections is very large and so I've decided to create a whole new site with it. Here is the problem though, I can get the URLs to redirect, but they'll only redirect to my main site's domain "" but I want a new domain for my new site, "" but this is the problem. Since I am using my old domain already I can't just forward all requests to the new domain, only certain requests need to go to the new domain. How can I do this ?

    Just to clear things up if it will help. The section that I am breaking off is the only one that will run on wordpress, my main site currently does not run on wordpress, but the section with the domain name of "" will run on wordpress. Is it possible that all requests that come from "" and try to access the wordpress platform, it will automatically change the domain from "" to "" since only this section will run on wordpress, this technique would work.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. You did not specify a blog address or reason for posting when you created this topic.

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  3. Sop are your prepared to create a free hosted blog, move the content into it and purchase a domain mapping upgrade or not?

    Map an existing domain (one you already own) to your blog.

    Important Notes Before Upgrading >

  4. Edit: "Sop are your" was meant to be "So are you ..."

  5. @timethief

    I want to host the new site myself, if it possible to use this service without letting host the site ?

  6. No

  7. Awwh are you serious?

    okay, any other solutions for what I am trying to do ?

  8. What you are trying to so is to get benefits from that are only available to free hosted by bloggers, who also pay for domain mapping upgrades. That's a no go.

    I want to host the new site myself

    You can do that

  9. Have you read this entry so you are clear on all the differences between free hosted blogs and self hosted installs, which are not part of the community?

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