redirect old URLs to new URLs?

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    I have paid to redirect my domain to, but are there any ways to make sure that old links don’t 404?

    eg. old URL when my blog was on Posterous

    new URL now that my blog is on

    I see that the dates cannot be removed from the WordPress URLs, wondering if there are any tools or techniques to put a redirect within my blog, so it doesn’t 404.

    Could I create pages that duplicate my blog posts, at those URLs, that don’t appear in the nav? Or is there a way of doing redirects like I would be able to do on my main web site?


    The blog I need help with is



    never mind. somehow it seems that WordPress can guess the old versus new urls and redirect. Out of 6 old links I tested, 5 of them went to the new URLs with the dates. cool.

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