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Redirect via .htaccess or PHP?

  1. Is anyone here familiar with .htaccess?

    I ask as I'm moving my site from a WordPress blog on my own server to and I'd like to put in redirects so that:
    is redirected to -
    My cunning plan is that it doesn't then look like all inward links are broken.

    Except I've tried cut 'n' pasting a few things in from the web and I've had not success. Either .htaccess or a php script to drop into the 2005 and 2006 folders on my server would be helpful if anyone knows of an obvious solution.



  2. Alun

    I don't know if this will help, but googled htaccess redirect and it came back with this:

    As it's your own server then JS and htaccess mods won't be a problem. :)


  3. Thanks I found that one, but that's something I'm trying to avoid. If I understand it correctly it means specifying individual entries for 700+ pages. I'm looking for something that can simply swap one server in the URL for another.

    I'll give this a go ( as it seems a bit more clearly explained than the other pages I've found.

  4. No that didn't work either. Looks like I'll have to sit down with my PHP books.

  5. Resolved, the answer was obvious in the end, hence my lack of hair. The lines in .htaccess are:
    Redirect /2006 http://
    Redirect /2005 http://
    without the spaces between // and a

  6. Nice one! :)

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