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  1. I want to use my own domain, (DNS by Godaddy) to point to my blog. But I seem to recall a FAQ somewhere that said this is not possible.

    So if that's not possible, what is the common practice? What sort of domain setup would you recommemnd to make it easy for visitors to your website to click seamlessly over to your blog?

    Thanks, Jerry Waxler

  2. I believe the answer to your question and the instructions are found here

  3. Well...

    You could map mydomain.tld/blog to blog.mydomain.tld to That may work.

  4. Drmike. That is a really interesting idea that wouldn't have occurred to me. I'm not too versed in domain mapping, so I'm not sure where these steps take place. Do you think the support people at my dns could help me figure out how to do this mapping, or is it something that you would help me with at support?
    Jerry Waxler

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