Redirected domain to wordpress blog not getting indexed by Google

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    I sent an email into support a week or so ago and never heard anything.

    I bought credits for one of my existing domains on 1-28 to automagically redirect to my years old blog. I believe I followed all the prompts resetting DNS to WordPress.

    Prior to adding the domain, my blog posts were indexed in both Google search and Google blog search results.

    Since I made the switch, my new domain is not getting indexed nor have any of the posts I have written since 1-28-09.

    I think I have done what was suggested correctly. What have I missed?

    Any ideas why the new domain and the posts post switch aren’t getting indexed?

    The blog I need help with is




    If you search the forums, you will discover that Google can take up to 6 weeks to index your site. Have you verified your site with Google as explained in the FAQ



    I searched and saw varying degrees of time required to get re-crawled. Didn’t see six months…

    I didn’t know I could verify a site with Google Webmaster tools – which I will be doing now.

    Thanks VivianPaige


    Member has been verified in Google Webmaster Tools as of 11:45 PM February 16, 2009.

    Another reason WordPress rocks!

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