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Redirecting domain name

  1. delphicpriestess

    Recently I purchased a domain name through wp which is mapped to a blog on this site. I would like to redirect my domain name to another host, hosting another website that I want to associate with my domain name. Is this possible? I see from former posts that this functionality didn't exist but was planned. I seem to be missing relevant icons from my tool bar in the domain account manager, does this mean it can't be done? Do I have to wait for a certain period of time? Or does this need to be done for me?

    Thank you in advance for you assistance.

  2. You need to contact staff for an answer to that.

  3. It is not possible to redirect from a blog here to a domain elsewhere.
    So if you move from here to a new blog there will be a period where search engines need to catch up. One of the drawbacks of moving is the lack of this redirection but then you do gain flexibility with the new blog.

    Does that help?

    If not, can you give examples using real url's?

  4. mark - what if one has purchased the domain upgrade here then decides down the road to go self-hosted, via Will there be another SE lag as with the domain remapping?

  5. delphicpriestess

    Thanks for your responses. I will contact staff as suggested but to answer your question mark - I had a blog here, I purchased a domain name which I initially associated with my wordpress blog. When I realised I couldn't develop my blog in the way I intended to I decided to develop my own website and host it elsewhere. I now have a host (, have changed the nameservers accordingly and associated the domain name with my host at the host end. I am yet to build and load my website, so there's nothing there yet. However when I enter my domain into the browser it comes up with a wordpress logo in the address bar next to my domain, though it no longer displays my blog at wordpress. still redirects to (an error page at this point). I'm not sure how to change this part. Is this the SE lag you mention ? Do I need to delete my wp blog? I hope this gives some clarity.

    Again thanks for your time and support.

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