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Redirecting domain to new host

  1. I gave a quick scan over the forum and I am sure this is a repeat post but I am in a hurry.

    I am trying to move a wordpress hosted blog to Hostgator. I have my domain name on wordpress (mapped to take out the wordpress)

    SO if I have the logic down right I just need to redirect it?

    this is what customer service at HostGator is asking for

    Dear Customer,

    You need to change the nameservers for that domain to and and then add the domain as an addon domain.

    Have a great day.

    So how do I do that?

    The blog I am trying to move over is

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Hope this all made sense.

  2. If you purchased the domain through, under Options –> Domains from your blog’s dashboard, you will see a link that says “Manage Domains”. If you click on this link you will be able to receive access to a control panel that allows you to change your domains nameservers and point it elsewhere.

  3. ok thanks

    I found exactly where to do it but it won't let me add in my two new nameservers.

    It will default back to wordpress

    does anyone have experience doing this?

    To Set the Nameservers for Your Domain

    1. Log in to your Account Manager.
    2. In the My Products section, select Manage Domains.
    3. Select the domain(s) for which you want to modify the nameservers.
    4. Click Nameservers.
    5. Select one of the following:

    Default Hosting Nameservers
    Specifies your domain is hosted with us and you want to use our nameservers.
    Default Parked Nameservers
    Specifies you want to park your domain on our parked servers. We automatically park your new domain registrations. The parked page displays when someone opens your domain from a Web browser.
    Custom Nameservers
    Specifies your domain is hosted with another company, and allows you to enter at least two nameservers.

    6. Click OK.
    7. Click OK again.

    It does not allow me to enter anything

  4. nobody working this week?

  5. Ok, if you have your own install of wordpress (from at hostgator, there is no way to redirect your visitors from your old blog here at to your new one.

    Best you can do is leave your blog here set up for a while and put a last post on it that explains that you have moved and give them the URL of your new blog. To avoid search engine confusion, go to options > privacy and click "I would like to block search engines but allow normal visitors" and then click "update options."

  6. You will also have to "undo" the domain mapping here at

    To get your posts, pages, comments and such here onto the wordpress install at hostgator is to "export" it at manage > export and then import it into the wordpress install at hostgator (manage > import). You will have to move your links (blogroll separately) by going to your new blog after importing your posts and such, and go to blogroll > import and put in the URL of your old blog and that will import your links to your new self-hosted blog.

  7. Ok thanks I know all of that (the export etc), it was not really my question.

    I wany my domain hosted on hostgator

    I have the nameservers and I know where to put them, it just won't let me.

  8. I don't think the last two posts understood.

    I paid for the upgrade for

    I want it to be hosted elsewhere.

    but I can't reregister it elsewhere because I own it in wordpress.

    So I can't go into my domain management and send it elsewhere?

    The first guy in this thread said I can.

  9. Can I undo the domain mapping and just purchase the new domain the old-fashioned way?

    that would probably take out all of the confusion.

    I was just trying to keep the address for easy moving.

  10. Have you moved your domain name registration off of yet to say, hostgator or network solutions, etc? As long as your domain name is registered through, you cannot redirect it. Once the domain registration is moved to hostgator, then you can redirect it through your new registrar. And as I said, you have to then undo the domain mapping here.

  11. ok thank you, I am getting several different ways of doing it and it is very confusing. Will try this.

    hostgator was telling me pretty much the oppisite thing.

  12. This is what hostgator said

    Dear Customer,

    You need to change the nameservers for that domain to and and then add the domain as an addon domain.

    Have a great day.

  13. I guess what I don't understand is I paid for the domain name on wordpress and it is good until june. I can't buy it elsewhere because it is registered to me.

    So should I just turn off domain mapping and then start fresh by buying it again? Can I do that? Won't it be registered on wordpress til my time is up?

    or bottom line I am stuck.

  14. No, you don't need to buy again, you already have it, and have paid for it. You want to move the registration of that name from to say, hostgator, or network solutions, or wherever.

    You might want to ask hostgator about that as I'm not sure what all is involved. If I register a domain name with say, (example only) I can later move my registration over to say network When you move to a new registrar, all that means is that you are changing who handles the registration for you. Think of it like changing banks. You take your money and move it over to a new account at another bank. That is what you are doing - or need to do.

  15. Did you try entering those 2 nameservers in the Custom Nameservers box?

  16. If I understand you correctly, that is. You have a blog here with domain mapping. You want to move it to your own host now. Yes?

  17. ok thanks I thought that was what I was doing all along.

    one last time I am going to go through this in case what I am saying is not clear.

    I don't want to move the blog on wordpress over, I know I have to do that myself using export etc. I just want to move the domain name that I own over. Like you say, change the registration.

    I was told that to do this I had to go into my domain management on wordpress and update the nameservers, then hostgator can propigate the move and add the domain to their hosting service.

    They game me two nameservers to use to redirect the domain name (not the blog)

    I went into my domain mangement, followed all of the directions and where the two wordpress nameservers are, I tried to change them to the two I was given by hostgator.

    They won't delete.

    So I thought maybe I had to add the two nameservers as well. So there would be four.

    Then once hostgator moves my registration over, the two wordpress nameservers would be removed.

    It sounds like we are talking about the same thing that needs to be done but in two different ways.

    <b>If your domain(s) are hosted here, choose 'Default Hosting Nameservers.'
    If your domain(s) are parked here, choose 'Default Parked Nameservers.'
    If your domain(s) are hosted somewhere else, choose 'Custom Nameservers.'

    Default Hosting Nameservers (NS1.WORDPRESS.COM, NS2.WORDPRESS.COM)
    Default Parked Nameservers (NS1.WORDPRESS.COM, NS2.WORDPRESS.COM)
    Custom Nameservers</b>

    so I can't change this to the Host gator ones? sorry for this I am just confused

  18. "Did you try entering those 2 nameservers in the Custom Nameservers box?"

    Yes I did but it won't let me. It will autofill the old ones. I just did not know if there was something else I was not unclicking

    for example it says the domaim is locked.

  19. Contact staff on this is my suggestion and tell them:

    You are going self-hosted at hostgator

    You want the domain name you registered here at for your new self-hosted blog at hostgator

    Ask them what you have to do to accomplish that.

  20. "If I understand you correctly, that is. You have a blog here with domain mapping. You want to move it to your own host now. Yes?"

    that is correct

  21. /nod to tsp

    Use Custom Nameservers. I changed one of my blogs to self-hosted not long ago but left the domain registration here. Custom is what I used.

  22. yep that is what I am trying to do but it won't let me fill in new values.

  23. That's odd. I agree with thesacredpath that you should contact support. It's open now; just use the support tab in the upper right of your dashboard.


  24. not a problem, I wrote them. Thanks for everyone's help

  25. I've heard just now from a friend that there are some domain issues and that could be the reason you cannot put stuff in the custom domain fields.

    Best of luck with getting it sorted out.

  26. I think I may of got it. I had to unlock it


  27. yep that did it. thanks again all

  28. That lock issue does affect things. :)

    I'm so glad you finally made it happen. Happy blogging.

  29. one more question

    if I turn off domain mapping can I still look at the old free wordpress blog?

    I just want to have access to it while I make the switch

  30. You won't have to turn it off. Once everything is propogated, the url of your blog will revert to what it was before the domain name upgrade. You should make the .com blog private right now, to avoid duplicate content.

    Once you're happy with how things are on your new host, you can either delete the .com blog or leave it private and leave it there, in case self-hosting ends up not being right for you. That's what I did, 'cause you never know.

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