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    /nod to tsp

    Use Custom Nameservers. I changed one of my blogs to self-hosted not long ago but left the domain registration here. Custom is what I used.



    yep that is what I am trying to do but it won’t let me fill in new values.



    That’s odd. I agree with thesacredpath that you should contact support. It’s open now; just use the support tab in the upper right of your dashboard.




    not a problem, I wrote them. Thanks for everyone’s help


    I’ve heard just now from a friend that there are some domain issues and that could be the reason you cannot put stuff in the custom domain fields.

    Best of luck with getting it sorted out.



    I think I may of got it. I had to unlock it




    yep that did it. thanks again all



    That lock issue does affect things. :)

    I’m so glad you finally made it happen. Happy blogging.



    one more question

    if I turn off domain mapping can I still look at the old free wordpress blog?

    I just want to have access to it while I make the switch



    You won’t have to turn it off. Once everything is propogated, the url of your blog will revert to what it was before the domain name upgrade. You should make the .com blog private right now, to avoid duplicate content.

    Once you’re happy with how things are on your new host, you can either delete the .com blog or leave it private and leave it there, in case self-hosting ends up not being right for you. That’s what I did, ’cause you never know.



    ok because when I did the switch (the other host is already propogated)

    I went back to the old one and it was gone.

    I changed my nameservers back just to make sure it was all still there.

    So at this point I have

    changed nameservers and the new host is propogated

    so you are saying the old free wordpress blog should still be there?


    Yes, just go to . It’s all still there.



    thank you, I did that and because of the mapping it just goes to the other address.

    will that revert at some point?

    I know this is not really a free wordpress question but because ELLAELLA has done this maybe she knows

    I tried to import my xml file to the new wordpress and got this message

    Sorry, there has been an error.

    File is empty. Please upload something more substantial. This error could also be caused by uploads being disabled in your php.ini.

    This is how I imported my last blog and it worked fine.

    I have gone back to the old blog for now because I don’t want it to be down for a long time.



    I know next to nothing about import/export. Mine worked without a hitch. Hopefully, someone who does know will see this.


    The thing is, when I go to I’m seeing your blog, not your new blog. That means that is still mapped to . Perhaps you switched things back and that is the reason I’m seeing your old blog.

    You might want to go here, and review the “5-minute install” instructions and check all of the things they say need to be added or changed in the files on your wordpress install.



    thanks yes I did change it back for now.

    when I did the whole process I lost access to the blog and got freaked out that it was gone.

    so I am back where I was til I figure it out.

    I just don’t see how it will work without turning off the domain mapping.



    I’m in close to the same situation. I can’t transfer my domain name to an new registar or set up a forwarding option. The registar domain control page doesn’t have any of those options.

    My blog is already exported to a new URL, under another domain. I just want this blog URL to forward to the new site. Any ideas?



    I dont know what should be the purpose of makin a blog to redirect to a domain.

    I purchased a domain from outside WP, and I want people to write that domain and that domain redirect to my WPblog, i just made the server changes, the default original Nameservers from an outside provider, I went to the manage domain settings ,and pasted the nameserver ( etc there. Now they are changed to these new ones. In the WP manage domain option I been trying to add that outside provider domain, but still sugest me to BUY a new one from WP. I am waiting 72 hours to that change to take effect. By now, my domain still showing in my original domain provider-ok its normal-, but typing it in any browser, have no effect…actually, it doesn’t exist. before i made these changes, my domain appeared in the browsers as an “actual owner site, as a future page under construction, or werelse I don’t really remember.

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