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    I have a Posterous blog that uses a custom domain I own:

    The time has come for me to move to I know I can import my Posterous content, but will it be possible for me to set up redirects?

    For example: When someone visits a link to they will automatically be redirected to


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. If I understand correctly, your domain name is currently mapped to your Posterous blog, and you want to verify if the URLs will redirect to the same posts once the domain is mapped to

    Chances are they will… as long as the end of the URL stays the same.

    Note: this feature appears to work at automatically. If your blog will be self-hosted, you may have to follow extra steps and ask over at about it.


    Thanks airodyssey!

    Your assumption was correct, and the discovery mentioned in that other thread is very interesting. You have given me the confidence to just go ahead and make the switch – it seems like things will redirect smoothly, and if they don’t then it’s only a personal blog…

    And yeah, I know how to deal with this in, but I was unsure how handled things, if at all.

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