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    I recently had my blog switched from to I have a ton of dead links, and lost all my followers because of it. I had my husbands IT guy do the switch but he’s to busy to help me with the rest.
    Every time someone clicks an old link they get this:

    404 (Page Not Found) Error


    I NEED this fixed ASAP!!

    The blog I need help with is



    This is the support forum where we provide support only for free hosted blogs. if you have not et registered and account at then do so on the top right hand corner of this page http://

    If you did not purchase a domain mapping upgrade form prior to moving your blog then broken links are the result. If you did purchase a domain mapping upgrade from then you need to update the name servers.

    The reason we purchase domain mapping is so that all the URLs from the root blog when clicked seamlessly redirect to the same content in the post under the new domain URLs.

    The pagerank and authority the blog earned was earned by the URLs and belongs to them. It’s not transferable. so what that means is the domain starts from zero. In about 4 – 6 months time the content will all be re-indexed by search engines under the domain URLs and all things being equal the blog will probably have the same pagerank and authority it had prior to purchasing domain mapping.

    If you do not renew your domain mapping then all those domain URL’s are broken and the blog reverts to the old URLs. Then all those broken links are there for months until the search engines like Google index them again under the URLs and clear their caches (3 – 6 months).



    I NEED this fixed ASAP!!

    When you self host a install you are responsible for everything inlduing upgrades of WordPress versions and plugins and the whole nine yeards. No one fixes anything for you, unless you hire them to do so. vs.


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