Redirecting OpenID with a Custom Domain?

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    How to setup OpenID with WP so I can use it with my custom domain (hosted at WP), not its WP URL

    (I know the WP URL will redirect to mine, but the goal here is for backlinks to point to me, not WP, in case I should ever <gasp> move my blog elsewhere, like self-hosted.) Oddly, I’ve found the question asked a few times here, but the topics all get closed before a solution is posted. E.g.:

    It appears I need to add a couple “OpenID redirection” tags to the HTML <head> section, and this is easily done with self-hosted – how is it done with hosting?

    The blog I need help with is


    We cannot edit the underlying theme or wordpress files. Contact staff directly at .



    I have never had any success with this. I just continue to use the old URL. It’s annoying.



    That’s really unfortunate.

    Really, this should be a standard feature of custom domains, even if it’s not configurable (i.e., only points to the URL). And perhaps offer it as an upgrade for both types of URLs. In both cases, it would seem so easy to implement.

    For the sake of search engines, it appears the correct term is OpenID delegation, not redirection.


    @hornbaker, contact staff as I suggested. If there is a way, then only they know what that is. At the very least, your contacting them should get them to put it on their feature request list.



    I left a message for Support; meanwhile, a bit of progress on my own.
    First part, I’m a bit of a bonehead – was choking on my URL because I’d left off the http:// prefix – they’re technically correct, of course, but that’s lame.

    For some reason, is persistent about using my WP account name for the nickname, and the WP URL for the backlink. (I really want it to use my custom domain.) I’m not sure if that’s because of something WP is passing, or if I haven’t fully erased all traces of my prior attempts (trusted sites, cookies, etc.). Any ideas on this are welcome.



    I seem to be running into a lot of dead ends on this, and it seems like OpenID is a good idea that hasn’t gotten full adoption. I’m going to keep working at it, and I’ll maintain this article as things progress:

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