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Redirecting Permalinks Challenge

  1. mynotetakingnerd

    I recenlty moved my site from to

    I did the redirect package and it worked for the majority of my posts.

    The issue is with Tags, Categories, and Pages.

    There is a different permalink structure for those and they are just going 404.

    Any way of fixing this or doing a redirect to one page for all tags, categories and pages?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. No, the permalink structure will need to match in order for the redirect to work, so you'll have to adjust that on

    From the looks of it, you should set the redirect for

  3. chiefmynotetakingnerd

    Thanks for this.

    It does transfer anything with the /blog

    However the tags and categories over here at the old blog are all /category or /tag...

    So I'm guessing I'll just lose those?

  4. chiefmynotetakingnerd

    Thanks again by the way

  5. At Settings -> Permalinks in the new blog, make sure that Category and Tag base are empty and that you have selected "Day and name" for your permalink structure.

  6. chiefmynotetakingnerd

    The problem MacMan is that I've actually been at the "new" blog for a long time. So the content is structured as %postname% already.

    I can't change it or i'll lose everything that's there.

    So if there isn't a way around that I assume I just lose the categories and pages at the old blog? is that correct?

  7. There is no way around it, Site Redirect only works with the same permalink structure.

    If you'd like, I can cancel and refund the upgrade, but at the very least it's still redirecting the main site.

  8. chiefmynotetakingnerd
    Member's redirecting almost all my 400 blog post which is a good thing. So don't cancel.

    I was just hoping to not have all those dead links out there.

    Alright thank you for your effort and time.

    You've succeeded as of now with your "name".

    I'm Happy! :)

    P.S. just so i'm clear the old blog at subscribers are not going to the new site correct?

  9. Email subscribers for were transferred to Reader subscribers for were left as is, because the Reader only supports blogs.

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