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    Hi. Today I changed over from site ( to my new self-hosted site ( and I need help redirecting my subscribers to my new site.

    Thanks for your help,
    Jean Huffman
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Have you installed the JetPack plugin? First you need to install the JetPack plugin on your siste. Then Staff here can move your subscribers for you.


    Where do I find that?



    Click the link >
    If you need any help with installing it then click
    If you need support then click
    After you have installed the plugin on your site please return and post into this thread.


    Jetpack is installed.



    Thanks for the update. Please be patient while waiting for Staff to make the move for you.


    Can someone tell me how to finish this process?

    Thanks very much in advance.



    Gotcha–didn’t see your message, Time Thief–



    No problem – hang in there. :)


    Hi sislynstewart,

    Can you also activate Jetpack and connect it to your account?

    Let us know when that’s done and we’ll move the subscribers from our end.



    Not sure if I activated it but clicked on the download and it extracted it to “My Documents.” Will this work or does it need to be downloaded to a specific place on my computer? Thanks–I’ll pick this thread up in the morning.



    The Jetpack plugin has to be installed into the install, not your computer, and it has to be activated before Staff can move your subscribers.


    Sorry-total newbie here–
    My blog designer was responsible for doing this, and I’ll have to wait to get up with her on Monday.
    Thanks for all your help. . .!




    Sorry I’ve been gone so long! I got Jetpack installed/activated by my blog designer on my new site and then I’ve been on vacation for a week–

    Could someone move my subscribers from the old site to the new site for me?

    old site:

    to new site:

    Thanks ever so much,
    Jean Huffman


    Hi Jean,

    No worries, I hope you had a lovely vacation!

    I’ve moved the subscribers as you’ve requested.



    Thanks Bryan!! So thrilled this has been handled, you don’t know!! :))



    You’re welcome! :)

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