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Redirecting Traffic if I Buy a Domain Name

  1. I'm interested in changing my web address to make it just, which I understand I can do for $17 ($25 private) but I'm concerned about what will happen when people navigate to my old address ( Will they be automatically directed? If so, for how long?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Automatic

    Visitors will go to the new URL as long as you remember to pay the bills. When you stop paying for domain mapping the old URL will still work but the new URL ( will be some sort of error.

    Just a note - there is no "www" in a WordPress URL

  3. That's reassuring, and I think I'll go ahead, but just a couple more questions - what happens if people try to go to instead of [name].com? Is there some way of making my address or does that involve separate hosting and redirection?

  4. 1) it'll work, but when they get there the WWW will disappear.

    2) there is no way to do it, and that would a) look really old-fashioned and b) prevent a significant portion of internet users from being able to access your blog.

  5. In that case I will bow to your superior knowledge. Thanks, both, for the advice.

  6. You be welcome & good luck

  7. No, you can direct all www traffic using an ANAME in DNS. The CNAME is the domain pointing to the ip address of your server and the ANAME points to your CNAME. Sometimes this depends on who is your registrar and if the same one does the DNS.

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