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    I started off with a blog and have bought a domain and now have a blog with I don’t want to lose all the traffic I am getting to my original blog, but I want people to start going to my new domain. Can someone help me with instructions on redirecting the old blog directly to the new domain?




    A post with a link to your new blog in your old blog or a text widget with a link in it will do the job. The contents of the blog can be exported out of the old blog and then imported into the new blog.



    you can also buy a ‘Custom Domain’ upgrade feature first and make some DNS voodoo thereafter for redirecting your old blog with ‘HTTP 302 Found’ header response.

    this way your old blog get redirected directly to the new domain automatically and transparently (behind the scene) for you visitors.



    is there a simpler way to do this without buying any upgrades so that the page will just redirect upon loading or something?







    yes, they don’t return HTTP ‘301 Moved Permanently’, but they do return ‘302 Found’ status, which has the same effect on visitors’ browsers and SE crawling bots, though.

    provided, of course, you’ve bought the custom domain upgrade.




    I am wondering why 302 redirect is being used instead of 301.

    The previous poster’s quote: “which has the same effect on visitors’ browsers and SE crawling bots” is not entirely correct.

    302 means a temporary redirect. It means the search engines will keep trying the old url (in this case, the url).

    301 means “permanently moved”, so Google e.a. will transfer the authority they attributed the old with, to your own domain.

    (source: Google’s Matt Cutts )

    If you have bought a custom domain mapping, that means that you actually want to move your blog, and the “google authority” it had, to your own place.

    The way it’s done now, gives a bit of a “sneaky” impression: that WordPress would like to keep (and redirect to its own pages) the traffic once you have decided to actually move out and transfer the mapped domain to your own hosting…



    good spot, pieterr! and post back a reply.

    (though I’ve got some clues which way it’s gonna be met with ;-)

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