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Redirecting Your Page

  1. I have a blog on and I have a domain name with GoDaddy. I'm trying to get the blog to appear on the domain name, without 'wordpress' in the URL.

    I believe I need to redirect the wordpress blog to that domain name. Before I pay for this, I want to make sure it's the right thing. ---- Site Redirect $13/blog per year.

    Also when talking to GoDaddy, they mentioned that I would need either a specific IP address of separate Name Server so that I can point the blog to the GoDaddy domain name. Will I get this when I purchase the Site Redirect?

    Any help is appreciated! The more dumbed down talk the better :)

    Blog url:

  2. Ok, I just purchased the Site Redirect and it's redirecting my blog to my domain name. When I type in it goes to it doesn't take any of the content with it?

    And when I type in, it doesn't bring any of the wordpress content in. Did I purchase the wrong thing?

    Is this the only form of support that wordpress offers?

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