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redirecting/reactivating my .com domain back to my old domain

  1. hi everyone :)

    I happily bought and used my .cpom domain through, so that instead of it'll redirect to

    I recently decided to expand my site, and now I'm on the bluehost server. I changed the DNS so that redirects to my bluehost account, but would like to link from there to my old blog.

    problem is, I doesn't seem to exist anymore, it redirects to, (which isn't my blog anymore!)

    what do I do?!

    thank you! :)


    loads fine for me and does not redirect to another URL

  3. but I don't want it to go to (the blue designed splash page I created)
    I want it to go to my old matala themedwordpress blog..
    e.g. my latest post:

  4. maybe its a chache/coockies issue?

  5. just checked it on a different browser and it does work fine!
    don't know which cookie I should erase, but that's not that big of a problem..


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