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  1. Can anybody tell me how to change the code so that when someone visits my blog on one address be redirected towards another address?

  2. I believe that violates the Terms of Service, specifically the part about not using your blog to direct people to a different website. Can you show us some examples, ie your blog and the site you'd like the redirect to go to? Depending on what they are, there may be a way to do this (also, I'm not a policy expert, I'm just remembering previous conversations on the subject and what was said).

  3. Acctualy, my blog on WordPress is target address. The blog from where I want to redirect to is on server in Serbia,

  4. We cannot access the code underlying our blog templates at and edit them.

  5. Obviously, but, like I said, I need to change code not on WordPress but on another server, where it can be done.

  6. you'll need the domain mapping upgrade. no matter what 301 Redirects you throw on your own site, will redirect to the front page if you haven't bought the upgrade.

    then you can just set up a CNAME record to point to NS1.WORDPRESS.COM

  7. @funkcionervss
    I'm sorry I mis-understood you and I do apologize. Here is the link to domain mapping information

  8. Thank You very much.
    This all was very useful.

  9. You're welcome and I'm sorry for my original misunderstanding.

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