redirection not working properly

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    the redirection is not working. instead it is

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there,

    It looks like you’ve setup some A records on your domain that point to a specific IP address. You can see those records from your Edit Domains page here:

    Just click “Edit Domain” from that page. Are you trying to direct your domain to another site or are you trying to have the www version of your domain direct appropriately to


    Hi Jeremy

    Thanks for your answer.
    My point is
    1/I have a domain pastorgroup hosted in Godaddy
    2/I have a website hosted by wordpress.
    3/ I did what i was asked for and I put A records in wordpress that godaddy gave to me
    4/ I put de custome adress in godaddy that WordPress has gave to me.
    As a result of this now I can find my web site in the browser hhttp// but instead I can’t find the adress hhttp//

    I hope i have explained myself and you’ll be able to help me to find the way to fix this issue.



    So, it sounds like you want all of your content managed by The issue here is that and are actually pointed to two different places. The domain is pointed to your site. However, you have a different record for In order to resolve this, you’ll want redirecting to

    Currently, you have several A records in place pointing to the IP address If you remove those A records, your domain should begin working properly. To remove them, navigate to the page found here:

    From that page, click “Edit Domain”. Then, click “Edit DNS”. On that screen, just click the small trash can icon shown here on each row:

    A Records

    Can you give that a try and let me know if it solves the issue?

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