Redirects all subdomains to main domain of wordpress.

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    I completed all steps told by you, I added CName and A records which points to my server IP. But my sub-domain only works well for first 3 or 4 hours. A next problem comes.:- Now my subdomain redirection to my main domain, like to Then I tested using this also redirect to main domain. Everything is ok from my side. How to resolve this ? , Please see here topic link started by me (

    The blog I need help with is


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    I took at look at the records that you have setup and I see:

    A download
    CNAME download

    You do not want both an A and a CNAME record for the same subdomain (download). CNAME records are aliases to other names, so you’ll probably want to remove that line. Once you’ve removed that line, should begin to function more consistently.

    You will want a similar A record line for each subdomain you have setup at GoDaddy. For example, if you want the subdomain “”, after you’ve set everything up from GoDaddy’s end, you’ll want to add a line similar to the following:

    A abc

    Domain names get stored on your computer in a “DNS cache” so browsers can load websites faster. Sometimes when a change is made to a domain name, such as your Domain Mapping settings on, the previous website is stored on your computer, and you can’t load the new website at the same domain.

    These stored domains are usually updated every 48-–72 hours on your computer, but you can force it to update sooner by “flushing” your computer’s DNS cache.

    You can find instructions on how to flush your DNS cache here:

    That should enable you to see the correct site at Please let us know if you have any more questions.


    Now it is working , But I have to wait for 24 hrs to check properly.
    I will reply you after 24 hrs after DNS update. So you have to wait for little long time.
    Thanks for your valuable reply.


    Thanks now it is working fine, I also flushed my DNS

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