Redoable lite and Explorer: sidebar screwed up

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    Just switched from Cutline to Redoable Lite and am trying to iron a few things out. One problem is how the new theme looks in Explorer. If you look at my sidebar in Firefox for example, there is a b&w photo top right, then some text underneath. That’s good.

    But in IE 6.0 you see that the text that is supposed to be underneath is now hanging in the air to the left of the photo. It looks stupid and I can’t figure out how to fix it. The photo is in a text widget at the top of the list, the text in another just below it.



    Unfortunately, it looks that way in IE7 too. Two things come to mind: 1) in the text widget with text, you can give the text some breathing room with: <p>your text</p>

    Or, save yourself a widget and put the image and text in the visual editor (as if you were writing a post) and make them look the way you’d like. Go to the Code tab and copy that code to the text widget and save.

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