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    Since support is closed for this week, I am throwing this open to the forum.

    In redoable lite there is a recurring problem with formatting. If you click on a post
    using the full address for the post the formatting is narrow and the box for the comments, categories and tags is shoved in the top right-hand corner. It almost obscures the headline.

    But if you click on just the link for the blog
    the formatting is right across the page flush with the sidebar, which I think is the way it should look. The box for categories, tags and comment link are also across the page, not in a tight little box scrunched up in the corner.

    So someone stumbling on the blog will see the post one way, someone picking up the post link or clicking on a previous post from the sidebar, for example, will see it another.

    The constant back and forth also makes it impossible to properly align photos the way you want them, because it’s constantly changing.

    Why the discrepancy and can anything be done to fix it?

    I’m using Firefox, btw. It looks even worse in IE: when the box is shoved up into the corner, it blocks a longer headline.



    I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s an error. Lots of themes have slightly different formatting for the main page and for single post pages. I’d be very surprised if this gets ‘fixed’. You could, of course, get the CSS upgrade and fix it yourself, but it might be tricky.


    If it’s not an error, then I wonder what the point of doing it like that is. How is anyone supposed to properly structure a post if its format keeps on changing all the time?


    @rosclarke – this isn’t just a matter of a few pixels to the left or right, either. We’re talking of a whole column width gaping open and empty in one mode, a nice, flush, easy-to-read formatting in the other.

    This can’t be unfixable.



    When you talk about aligning images like you have in the post you linked to, you do realise that for different browsers and different resolutions, those are all going to be different anyway?

    It may not be unfixable, but I’d be surprised if it ever is ‘fixed’. Have you sent in a request to staff?



    BTW, I was slightly disappointed not to find actual pictures of needlework projects! ;)


    rosclarke – I know what you’re saying about different browsers, but like I said, we’re not talking millimetres here – it’s a huge discrepancy between the one link and the other, whichever browser you use, wouldn’t you agree?

    btw – the needlepoint is a metaphor for something that takes a long time to do, so you think about the sayings a long time. And check down the page! There is a thumbnail of one of my mother’s needlepoint pieces to click on :-)


    support is closed this week too. I guess I picked the wrong time to ask this question.


    Now that support is back, I have sent this question to them, but I’m throwing it open again because I have just tried to write a post including some pictures and it is SO frustrating. You can’t guage where the photos are going to end up. If the photo is just a bit too wide, in one format the text doesn’t wrap around if one word is too long…

    And preview mode is useless because it only gives one version of things.




    Honestly, I think that’s the way the theme works. You’re probably stuck unless someone at Automattic decides to re-do the way the theme works. Or you could contact the designer and see if he feels like making the change:


    thanks for that link, rain. just sent the designer a note and have already contacted support directly, though so far no response at all. I guess there’s quite a backlog, right?



    I really think they don’t particularly care about themes. They want everyone with more sophisticated graphic needs to learn CSS and do it themselves. I don’t think the minimal $ matters to them so much as putting the responsibility on the bloggers. Graphics can be tweaked endlessly, so just makes it not THEIR problem, but yours.


    This is the impression I’m getting, considering nobody from WP seems to want to comment.

    But I don’t think this is a sophisticated graphic need. Why aren’t ALL themes made this way? This is the only blog I have ever noticed that changes format according to whether you click on the post title, or the blog title.

    Perhaps I should be asking other redoable lite users out there. Again – anyone?

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