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    I am trying to replace the header with my own logo, but when I upload it there is a red bar on the left and right sides which I want to eliminate.
    I can edit the css, and I have eliminated the header background but the logo isn’t showing and the right column header has moved slightly to the right.
    Can anyone help?

    The blog I need help with is



    the url is


    Under #rightcolumnheader you need to change right: -260px; to right: -250px;

    Under #header_content you need to change the background declaration to the below:

    background: transparent url( repeat-y scroll center center;


    Better yet, replace the “repeat-y above with “no-repeat”



    Thanks for your quick reply! The alignment is perfect but do you have any idea on how to eliminate the red vertical border around the logo?


    Under background, you have to replace the hex color code (#990000) with the word transparent as I have above.



    Sorry, I messed it up a little. I have changed it as you noted but the red line is now only on the left side.


    I’m still seeing #990000 where transparent should be.


    @icepix, search through your CSS that you have in the CSS edit window. It appears to me that the #header_content section is in there twice. Once at line 1 and once at line 75. If it is in there twice, it will conflict and cause issues. Remove one of the duplicates.



    This really is something you have to do when you can’t be interrupted!
    It looks much better now. Thanks.
    I may need to remover the right column header and replace the logo with my name on a background to match the page background.


    You’re welcome. Redoable has so many different shades of grey in the design that it is a little difficult to work with.

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