Redoable Lite theme okay in Firefox, not in IE6

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    It appears that all the CSS is broken when viewing the theme in IE6. Can someone look at it, linked to my username, and confirm?



    Whaddaya mean by the CSS is broken?


    The formatting of the text is all wrong, and the background color blocks overlap where they shouldn’t. Here’s a link to my photobucket where it shoes the two, Firefox on top, IE below.

    Those are both at 75% size, but the layout is supposed to look like the top one. In IE6 the all the fonts are too big, and even the Search widget is messed up.



    Either you’ve fixed it or it’s a problem with your IE set up. I just viewed in FF, FF using the IE engine and in IE 7 and they all looked like the top image you posted.


    I haven’t changed anything. What should I look at in IE6 to fix it for my view of it?


    Setting the text size in IE6 to ‘medium’ instead of ‘large’ helped with the text size. But the search widget is still messed up and the posts still extend to the right too far and hit the sidebar.



    I am sorry to say that for a WP com installed theme that this is pretty poor. They need to get someone in who understands this stuff. :)



    Sending this in to Support is the way to go. Posting here doesn’t get it fixed.

    IE6 is also an old browser…..



    Old? Mark. :)



    It’s old :)


    Well, if it looks okay to everybody running IE7, then that’s all that matters.




    I’ve noticed problems in IE7, especially when viewing the page for an individual post. If the title is long, it runs behind the square box that contains the post info. Also, it messes up the icons and text inside the info box. It doesn’t do that in FF. Here’s an example –

    I may change my theme, because I really think that it should be viewable in IE6, IE7, and Firefox. Isn’t that pretty much the standard for web accessibility?


    this guy isn’t using redoable lite anymore, and the problem is not resolved, people. please refer to new thread.

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