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Redoable Theme Problem

  1. There seems to be a glitch when using the Redoable theme. When you change the image header... and visit your actual blog site, the header doesn't become "clickable" so that it brings you back to the main page of your blog. So, anyone visiting the other pages of your blog have nowhere to click to be able to go back to your main page. Not even a link on the tabs section underneath the image header that directs you to the main page.

  2. @chuckster
    Here on the forum there are only your fellow bloggers voluntarily answering questions. We have no back end access to blogs and cannot provide technical fixes, only staff can. You need to let staff know about the problem in order to get it repaired

  3. @timethief
    Yeah... I already did earlier. I just copy pasted it here just in case one of WordPress' staffers were making the rounds in the forum.

  4. Gottcha -- IMO posting here has far less influence than direct communication with staff does.

  5. what i see from the theme, is that you need to have a sentence, like the name of the blog, there to serve as link to home.
    just try to add a sentence on top of the image and see if it works

  6. Actually, it does work when you leave the text on it. But there is an option to take it off if you feel that the text (font, style) doesn't fit the image header you wish to add to it.

    But unlike other themes wherein you can similarly hide the text, the image header becomes "unclickable"... by default (on other themes), once the text is hidden, the image becomes the link.

  7. @chuckster
    I do know exactly what you mean because I went to my test blog and tried it before I answered you. ;)

    {waving to salamandrine}

  8. sorry :S

  9. @timethief
    Here's the response I got from the WordPress staff via email just now:

    In the Reloaded theme the link to the home page is your blog
    title (the text) and when it's hidden, there is no link.

    I find the reply bothersome since other themes with the same feature have no problems at all. Hmmm... will they ever decide to fix this glitch?

  10. @salamandrine
    Hey - no prob - I thought the same thing and checked it out in my test blog too.

    The themes we get here are "adapted" and that means that the full theme features the designer provided for the theme are not available to us. They seem to do short of a quick partial feature conversion only. It also means that once the theme is "adapted" we become, in essence, a beta testing community.

    Will they ever decide to fix this glitch?

    Hello - the theme was just released yesterday. They won't know how it performs until bloggers try it out, discover weird stuff and report it. So, report all glitches and/or bugs directly to staff please.

    Who the heck is Nikolay? Is he a new staff member?

  11. I already did... again. This time via the reply button on my email client. Hopefully they'll find a workaround.

    I don't know if Nikolay is a new staff member but he was the one who replied to my support inquiry.

    But for now, I placed an image with a "Back to Main Page" text on the very top of my sidebar that links back to my home. :)

  12. @chuckster
    That's a good work around. But who the heck is Nikolay? Is he a new staff member?

  13. @timethief
    He most likely is a staff member... new or not, i'm not quite sure. seems new to me since his reply seemed pretty vague. but that's just my opinion... :P

    Oh, and if you noticed on his email message above... he mentions "Reloaded" instead of "Redoable"... hehehe... :)

  14. And you are not holding your breath waiting for an instant fix, right? ;)

  15. Haha... yeah... I guess I shouldn't be holding my breath... seems like it's gonna take a while before a fix is made... I'll probably be turning blue by then if I did... :P

  16. Best wishes - gotta go - have work to do.

  17. It's is #1 on the list once another small work is completed.
    Expect a fix soon.

  18. @mark
    Thanks for the heads up!

    Another thing... I actually posted this on a separate forum thread but since it's related I'm pasting it below:

    I just noticed that when you use the "Redoable" theme, there is no option for visitors to leave comments on those pages. Even though the "allow comments" is checked on the "edit page" section, the comment form still doesn't appear. And all previous comments posted on any particular page using a different theme disappears. Weird.

  19. I got you on that one :)

  20. I have a problem with the Redoable Lite Theme, as the post has been assigned more than one category, the conjunction "and" that unites the latter two do not have spaces on the sides, so that instead of appearing as "categoria 1 y categoria 2" get "categoria 1ycategoria 2".
    Not if it's a problem of Spanish version of the Theme, or a problem of the Theme itself.

    I tried to contact to the support, but this temporarily closed.
    Do you know anything about this?

    sorry my bad english and thanks

  21. @buxara
    Support is open 9am-5pm Pacific time (US) Monday-Friday. I would contact them and let them know.

  22. thank thesacredpath, I try again within that time

  23. The problem with the Spanish version of Redoable Lite Theme is solved. I want to thank the speed and friendliness of <b>Barry</b> and <b>Nikolay</b> of the support team.

    Thank you very much for them and for <b>thesacredpath</b> for their orientation.

    [El problema con la version espaƱola de la plantilla Redoable Lite esta ya resuelto. Quiero agradecer la rapidez y cordialidad de <b>Barry</b> y <b>Nikolay</b>, del equipo soporte de

    Muchas gracias a ellos y a <b>thesacredpath</b> por su orientacion]

  24. @buxara
    You are very welcome and I'm glad it has bee fixed. Tip of the hat to staff as well.

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