Reduce border width yet retain the "flashing" property of a thumnail?

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    I like how the Chunk Theme creates a border which changes from grey to black as you roll over a thumbnail however the border is too wide for my tastes. When I try to edit the image border width in “Advanced Image Settings” and set the border to 2px it just ads a black border around the image which no longer changes color as you roll over it with the cursor. So I am leaving the stock settings alone for now until I figure out how to make the border narrower yet retain the “flash” or color change from grey to black. Any ideas? Do I have to do something in the “Advanced Link Settings” area?

    Here is a link to the post in question:

    The blog I need help with is


    In the advanced image settings under “style” add the following and then adjust the value as desired (the existing is 10px).

    border: 5px solid #DDDDDD;



    Thank you, but when I tried that (using 2px instead of 5px) it no longer “flashes” when you roll over the image with the cursor. Any other ideas?


    That is sort of one of the drawbacks. To adjust the border and keep the black “hover” effect, you would have to have the Custom Design Upgrade and then adjust things via CSS.



    Thanks for letting me know, I appreciate your quick answer!


    You are welcome.

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