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reduce post size on front page

  1. what I am wanting is to not have my posts appear in their entirety on the front page ("read on", etc.)

    I see this on many WP blogs, but can't figure out how to do it

    A free hug for the person to actually help me with this

  2. Many bloggers have used these instructions with success
    using the more tag to truncate long posts
    HTH :)


  4. You're most welcome. :) You're going to love wordpress. And as you're new this link to a Beginner's Guide will be useful

  5. More is an excellent feature,

    It also means that RSS feeders only get a small piece of the post..means they have to come back for the rest....greeeeat!!!

    Get the 'more' from the icons at the top of the post area dankydug, and welcome to!

  6. Yes indeed and all that is covered in the information at the link I posted above for dankydug. :)

  7. I believe if you have the imfo there in the post its helpful to all members, also saves bandwidth too as they don't need to search.

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