Reduce useless search engine terms?

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    Hi there-I know people have posted on search engine terms many times, and I hope my question is a bit different. I’ve been blessed with an unusually high number of hits for such a young blog, but the search engine terms people are using are completely irrelevant to what my blog is actually about. I ran one brief post on the upcoming Alice in Wonderland movie, and now, everybody who searches on this topic seems to find me. My blog is actually about beauty tips for women with darker skin tones, and I never see any search engine terms about that. I recognize that any traffic is good traffic because readers can come from unexpected places, but is there a way for me to increase my visibility for more relevant terms and stop being an alice in wonderland blog?

    The blog I need help with is


    Welcome to the wonderful world of search engines. It is a dark and mysterious place and one that a person should never try to understand. Everyone experiences this, and there really isn’t much you can do about it since the search engines control that stuff.


    All you can do is appropriately categorize and tag your posts and hope for the best.



    thank you. i guess this happens to everybody and i shouldn’t get discouraged by it.

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