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    I would like the body text in DUET to be 600 pixels wide if possible. Can I do this and how, please? Thank you, Dr Danni



    Hi, could you post the URL to the blog you want to edit. This will allow us to better understand what you’re referring to.



    Hi, sorry, yes, of course:
    Ideally I’d like my images and body text to match at 600pixels wide.
    Is that possible?
    Thank you.


    Give this a try and see if this is what you want. Since this is a responsive width theme design, the bulk of element widths depend on the “max-width” set in the overall page/container/wrapper div. In this case, #container. Since your image on the main page is 600px right now, I resized the container so that it supports that as a maximum width. On the CSS edit page, in the publishing module, set the “content width” to 600px too. That will limit full-sized images to 600px. Add the following to the end of your custom CSS and see what you think.

    #container {
    max-width: 660px;


    Thank you!
    Yes, it’s perfect! You are a marvel – especially given I have zero CSS experience.
    Thanks again.



    Two further questions (sorry to hog the limelight):

    1. I want to delete blog: and have that deleted address point to my new blog: (should anyone type the old address in or have an existing link to it). Is that possible? How?

    2. I would like to archive my posts according to their category and for all posts in a particular category to show up on a page by the same name as the category. Is that possible? If so, how? Or is it only possible with a full functional website? Here’s an example of great archiving by category: Cheers.

    Thank you!


    You can use the site redirect upgrade to redirect to Did you export all your posts/pages/etc., from drdanni and import them into thecountryphiles?

    If you can answer this, it will give us a little bit better idea as to what to suggest.



    Hi there,
    Thanks for being so prompt.
    Yes, I have exported posts and media.


    Ok, then the site redirect will work. since it redirects post or page to post or page, the posts have to exist on the new site.

    You can apply a new category (or categories) to all the imported posts and then you can put that category (or categories) into a custom menu and people can then get to the older posts that way.

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