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Reducing overall space comment section in Twenty Twelve

  1. Greetings all,
    In the Dashboard/Comment-section, everything is nice, compact and readable - giving a good mix of detail and overview.
    However In Twenty Twelve one comment covers half a screen.

    How to make it more compact i.e. reduce all redundant space?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

    Please post screenshot, upload it to your Media Library, and return to this thread to provide the file name so Staff can examine it.

  3. YIKES! This thread is in the CSS Forum and I just noticed that. Please ignore what I posted above. I'm sorry. :(

  4. Hi timethief,
    Its still morning at your place now. Do you think you could suggest some nifty:
    margin-bottom: .xxem;
    or something :)

  5. Clarification if last message didn't make sense.
    Could you suggest some nifty code that makes the comment section more compact.

  6. First, it's always a very good idea to include an example link to the area you're asking about when you submit a CSS help request. In this case, a link to a post showing some comments would be really good. I checked you're site and I found the comment section for this recent post:

    The following example will remove all of the spacing below each comment's header area as well as each comment paragraph:

    .comments-area article header {
    	margin-bottom: 0;
    .comment-content p {
    	margin-bottom: 0;

    If you want to add some of the spacing back, adjust the "0" values as needed.

  7. Thank you designsimply, helpful as always.
    You are right, I should have given you an example to speed up your search. However in my self-absorbed state, I thought you all knew all the details in my chosen theme.

    The CSS is a blank slate only for adding code snippets for changes. Is there a complete example of the themes code to help me experimenting?

  8. Is there a complete example of the themes code to help me experimenting?

    You should use your browser's built in web inspector tools to view CSS. You can do that by right-clicking any element and then clicking the "Inspect Element" option. That will pull up a panel that shows the HTML for what you clicked on as well as all of the CSS that applies to it on the right.

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