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Reducing the number of categories on a page..

  1. I'm brand new here and hoping that I overlooked something in the forums, but is there a way, besides it being default on themes like Pressrow, to not have EVERY single category from my import on the side bar. Switching from one theme to Pressrow did it, but if I make another WP, I would like to use a different theme, maybe "Vigilance" or something else streamlined. You'll notice that my current theme is Pressrow and so the categories don't show up on the side by default. I noticed with themes like Cutline and Mistylook, I had a HUGE list of just about every category I had from the Blogger import on the side... pretty unattractive!

    Is this something that can be changed easily or does it only work with certain themes? Could widget placement be the issue?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Read this to get an understanding of what goes on with themes and widgets:

    But I don't see why you want no categories in your sidebar. What's the point of categorizing your posts if a visitor cannot select posts filed under a particular category? If you don't like a long list on permanent display, the Categories widget includes a dropdown option.

  3. sorry.. what I mean to say is to not have ALL of the categories.. I'd be fine with maybe 10 of the latest categories showing, but 50 is a bit much.

  4. There is no option for displaying only some categories that I am aware of. I believe your only option is to use the drop-down choice in the Categories widget.

  5. Thanks for your input.. I think I'll go with a Tag Cloud instead.. seems to allow me to control how many tags show up.

  6. The tag cloud widget will display at most 45 of the most popular tags from your blog.

  7. • I linked to that post so you'd realize what happens with sidebar items in general, and that what you're looking for has nothing to do with Pressrow or whatever: all themes (except Monotone) can display or not display categories in the sidebar or bottombar.

    • As timethief says, you cannot directly exclude some categories from showing. If you really want to display some categories only (I still fail to see why), you must go to Appearance > Widgets, add a Text widget, and write links to the relevant category pages in it, or go to Links > Add New, create links to the relevant category pages, and assign them to a special link category.

  8. Thanks Panos. I should have twigged to that idea too .. I'm rusty :(

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