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Reenable Google Apps support (google mx)

  1. Hi,

    I was trying to setup my own domain and use google apps for the email domain email as well, as discussed in this article:

    However, I had accidentally pressed the Disable support for the google mx email and now I cannot find a way to reenable it. Now, the custom domain displays the email as "N/A (external NS)"

    I've tried searching in the forums but no one is (reckless enough to be) in this situation.

    Can someone please point me to the right direction. Thanks in advanced.

  2. Your domain is not currently pointing to's nameservers, so therefore you cannot use the Google MX feature. You should point your domain back to if you wish to use this feature.

  3. Hi barry. Thanks for the info. I've reset to point the nameservers to about six hours ago. The link to enable google mx is still showing as N/A. Is this something that will be updated on a daily basis before I can reenable?

    Thank you.

  4. I changed one of my .ca domains over and the link for the google apps didn't show up for about 2 days. I would do a full cache clearing on your browser to hope that it isn't just caching that option lovelatinnet for starters. Hopefully that is the problem.


  5. ok thanks. it's showing now. thanks all for your help. i'll close this now.

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