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Referencing within the blog

  1. I have a front page blog with several static pages. At the end of my most recent post ("Technical Details"), I want to send interested readers to a description of one of my characters. This description is on a static page called "People". If I press link, then Search, I get a link to the People page itself ... the top of the page. I would like to direct the link to the character Weezy, partway down the statis page. Is there a way to do that?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thanks for the quick response and the reference. Switching to 'text' in the edit mode and following instructions doesn't work, but it's not a big issue. Both the normal linking process and the custom approach get the reader to the top of the static page. I guess that's enough

  3. Oh it works for sure or justpi (Panos) would not have blogged it. He's very precise as are his instructions;
    Scroll down to " If the destination point is on another post or page, then the link proper must include the URL of that post or page" in the post I linked to above and review what you did step by step.

  4. Oh sure it works. Panos couldn't possibly have been wrong...

  5. if you are patient he will arrive in this thread and work with you on this. :)

  6. Paste the code you used here between backticks so it displays properly and we can look at it.

    But you know, TT is right: in all the years he's been here I don't think I've ever seen him be wrong.

  7. Panos is very thorough - helped me a couple of times with sticky stuff and worked real nice -

    however - the jump code is very tough the first few times - I did it once for a test and struggled for a while before I got it to work - which might be why I gave up the thought of using if for some projects on my site

  8. The instruction as it relates to my wish to jump to a specific part of another page, was:

    The jump link below takes the reader to the top of my static page, People. I was hoping to go down the page to the entry for Louise Napolitani

    I wrote:
    'It’s just sufficient to know that my character Weezy understands it.'
    I hoped that in the sentence, 'It’s just sufficient to know that my character Weezy understands it.' that the 'Weezy' would be the jump. I also tried just 'Napolitani' for 'Louise Napolitani' to test whether the space was a problem.

  9. thistimethisspace

    I just left a message about this thread for Panos on his blog.

  10. Hmmm. The html was interpreted. Hope what you see gives you an idea of what I was saying...

  11. @rain: Thanks for the exaggeration!

    @fretlessjohn: My post says, quite clearly I think, that you need "two pieces of code [...]: one at the source point and one at the destination point." You created the first one only (in the post), without adding its companion in the page. You need to edit the page and add this before the relevant paragraph:
    <a id="Napolitani"></a>

    PS To display code here, you enclose it in backticks (see the note on "allowed markup")

  12. Thanks for your help.

    I allus thought backticks were the same as belly ticks, but looks like I'm not gonna have to bother my head about 'em.

    Y'see, Big Bubba here don't exac'ly foller all you city folks fancy language, but it sure as hell was clear ... to you ... that "two pieces of code" were necessary.

    But I surely can see that the forum ain't for me. I kin learn what I needs to on my own.

  13. thistimethisspace

    The backtick ` not to be confused with the single quote mark ' is located on the key to the left of the number 1 key in lower case on some keyboards.

  14. Hot damn!
    (and she said it w/ a straight face)

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