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    I am beginning to see referral spam regularly in my stats. By regular I mean every day. This happened on another WordPress blog I had where it became completely out of control. I reported it and sent examples but the issue was not resolved nor addressed in a competent manner so I stopped using that account and went to Blogger where I’ve blogged for 6 years and have never had this problem. This issue is extremely annoying and it totally skews the stats – you might as well not even provide the service. I visited the forums and I see others are still having the same issue without an acceptable response from staff. I also noted that client’s questions go unanswered and the topic is “closed” prematurely. I, as a client, should not have to investigate the origins of the spam as some others have done, according to their comments. Even free products should have respect for their clients and be interested in keeping them happy. I am not happy that I’m seeing this issue yet again, almost a year after the first time, and still unresolved. I currently have 2 WP blogs and I’d like to keep them. Please do something about this issue and COMMUNICATE with you clients.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    My most sincere apologies, we’re working on a tool at the moment and you should have seen a marked decrease – can you send in any examples of spam referrers you see to support?



    Here are examples from my blog:



    Please do not post such information to the forum. Please contact Staff directly using this link. >



    I have a similar problem, and I recognize one of the adress that Luminair says. Searching information about it this morning through google, the only one result that I found was just a thread in this forum, and in it the advice “contact with support” from a moderator. And so I did inmediatly.
    I say this for your knowledge and for help you…



    There are many such threads. Staff has requested we do not post here but instead contact them directly :(

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