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    I’ve noticed that the stats have disappeared for referrals from a site that sends traffic to my site. They are even gone from the all time stats, as is another referrer. Any ideas why?

    The blog I need help with is


    Is anyone responding to these? The website that the referring stats are from is Frugally Sustainable. My overall stats count has remained the same, but Frugally Sustainable has dropped off the referring stats altogether – both daily and the summaries. Thanks in advance.


    Hi – I’m still missing some referral stats. Any ideas?



    Have you checked your Google Webmasters account?
    Have you read these entries?


    I didn’t have a google webmasters acct set up, so I did, but I see no referrers there at all.

    The other two links had nothing to do with the problem. The website referral stats had been there until Tues, when they disappeared. There should be a few thousand referrals showing on the all time summary page, but it and others have disappeared.



    Thanks for your response. I have flagged this thread for Staff assistance.



    Could you please provide the URLs of the sites which are missing in your referral stats so we can investigate further? Thanks very much.

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