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    Hmm…I have noticed today that I have been receiving referrals from the Word Press Dashboard. I looked at the actual News Department Selections and the More News Selections. Neither of these selections have Second Chance to Live or my most recent post, Traumatic Brain Injury and News Networks. Does anyone know why I am receiving referrals from the Word Press Dashboard? Per your information I have researched why on the FAQ and in the Forums with out success.

    Thank you for your time and kindness.




    I believe this may be the correct explanation. However, if it’s not then I expect staff will correct it.

    When you visit the global tag pages you will find linked excerpts of your posts listed under tags and categories you assigned to them. I believe what you are seeing is visitors who have found your posts on the global tag pages and are clicking through to your blog.


    Thank you very much timethief. That makes sense to me. Have a great day. Craig



    You’re welcome. However, do note that I’m only speculating. Only staff can tell us for sure where these ‘wordpress dashboard” referrals are coming from.
    Top ‘o the day to you Craig. :-)


    newbie Q here, what’s a referral ?



    It’s a site that someone is on and then clicks into your blog.



    if i’m not wrong, referrals from wordpress dashboard includes everything in dashboard from blog stats, blog surfer, my comments and tag surfer. meaning people could have got through to your blog through any of this.



    Thanks sulz :)



    well not exactly sure but i thought i read this somewhere in the forums. =)


    Here’s another possibility: when you log out of your dashboard and wordpress automatically directs you back to your own blog. In other words, it is really your own referral that is being counted. Those are the only times I have noticed the Dashboard referral.

    While wordpress supposedly doesn’t count views from the blog owner, perhaps that isn’t a perfect feature.


    Thank you for your input. You all are very kind. Have a simply amazing day! Craig

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