Referrals Don't Seem To Be Working

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    I have one older post that is getting a lot of traffic over the last week. But none of the referrals or search traffic seem to be explaining it.

    It was freshly pressed last year and is the most popular post in my blog’s history, but the high traffic has always been explainable. I have no idea where this current traffic is coming from. Can you help? Link to the specific post below:

    The blog I need help with is



    Hey there,

    I’ve looked over your blog’s statistics, and generally speaking, your blog is following a relatively regular ebb and flow traffic pattern; traffic rises and peaks, no surprises there. :)

    With regard to that particular post, I don’t see any particular indications showing the cause of its popularity. You have a healthy mix of traffic sources (including Google Reader, search engines, backlinks, etc.); it’s quite possible users are stumbling upon your post after finding content through other means.

    Though there’s no immediate explanation, the additional traffic should be no cause for concern. Enjoy it!


    Thank you for the response! Definitely not concerned, just curious as to where it’s coming from. That post has always got a lot of traffic, but it’s always been explainable as well. Oh well. Thanks again.



    Hey there,

    No problem! Please feel free to let us know if we can be of any further help!

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