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Referrals from strange places

  1. Wondering if anyone can shed some light on this. A few days ago I started getting view traffic referred from but when I go to it (a VERY strange site, I have to say) I cannot work our how on earth traffic is getting from there to my blog at all. I'm a little concerned about it, simply in case there is some malware happening somewhere. Does anyone else have a similar experience?

    My blog is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There are dozens of threads on the issue: it's not malware, it's just spam. People link to you for a millisecond and then delete the link so you'll click through when you see it in the stats page. Just click the Help button and report the referrer spam.

  3. so I get lots of hits a day from it? Yuck. I'll report the spam. Thanks!

  4. I assume you mean report through Support? I couldn't see any other way through the Help, so that is what I did!

  5. Yes, that's what I meant. You won't get ANY hits through that link, because they take it down. You might get one, as the spammer makes sure you see the link. But they don't help you at all, so just report them.

  6. I have 23 off that link - I assume you mean no REAL hits - can't understand why I have 23 though!

  7. The spammer really, really wants you to click on the link.

  8. No idea why! LOLOL. There wasn't much there! I figure their microsecond random hit generator has a bug. Or something. I'm annoyed because realistically I have to deduct 23 off my stats! :((

  9. Support fixed 'em! I do love WordPress Support - they are effective and efficient!

  10. I had 21 links from them the other day. I admit to clicking once... to see what it was. It's a site about Islam, with a massive list of videos available to watch, many of them titled so as to indicate the video is about disproving Christianity. Obviously, I knew better than to click anything at the site. I also, could find no conceivable place where my blog was being linked to.

    I rarely check my stats anymore... but just happened to have the other day.

    It's good that it has already been taken care of.

  11. Results of a forum search: Response from staff:

    Thanks for reporting this - we are aware of this problem and are working hard to find a solution to fix it.

    Some background: what you're experiencing is called "Referrer Spam", and it's an unfortunate side effect of the way statistics tracking works. Spammers take advantage of the referrer logs and visit your blog from phantom URLs that they are actually trying to promote, in the hope that you see them in your logs and click them.

    In the meantime, you can rest assured that there is no security risk here, to you or to you blog. It's just an annoyance, but one we will hopefully be able to get rid of very soon.

    These spam referrers do not in any way affect your blog's Google page ranking.

    1. Do not click the links.
    2. Do not post the URL or names of the site into forum threads.
    3. Report all spam referrals to Staff directly .

  12. I know... I shouldn't have clicked at all... but I wanted to see what kind of site it was. I should have used a url expander to get the real url, then googled the url and viewed the site preview instead.

    Impatience, curiosity and cats... I know better... good thing I still have 8 more lives left. ;-)

  13. Pleased to find this link as I have had similar from a site selling islamic videos. I did click because it was a site I did not recognise. Could not see any way to get rid of it until I came on here but will now follow the link above.

  14. It is an ongoing problem - while THAt link has been removed, I have one today that I have also reported:

    32 "views" on my page :((

    WordPress are very good at jumping on them if you report them.

  15. I'm so very new to WordPress and had that same link above on my first day...I was most confused!
    Now at least I understand what spam referrals are.

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