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  1. I like to keep a track of where my visitors come from. If its from a forum link for example then I visit the forum to see why I was mentioned. Its nice to see others talking about posts.

    Thing is sometimes I see referrals from but I cannot work out where they are coming from. The link goes back to the main page where there's hot posts etc, but I know I am not going to be on that list and never see myself there. I have had 3 referrals from there today and I have not even made a new post. So as you can understand I am a little confused to the source.

    Can anyone advise please?

  2. Because your username is linked to your blog in your profile when people read forum posts they may want to look at your blog to see an illustration of whatever is being discussed. When they click on your username to look at your blog you see a referra which includes the number of the forum thread. For illustration purposes I will click on your user name after I finish typing this.

  3. Sorry I still don't get it. Maybe the lack of nicotine and too much food is getting to my brain :p

    The referrals do not contain any forum links, only this and no other information.

    Also if you did just click on it, that did not make any difference, it still says 3 for that referral which it has done all evening.

  4. Ah I just see the one you are taking about - a wordpress link with forum id.
    But that is not the same as what I am seeing, I am seeing only the bit.

    Its not a great issue, its just a little niggle as I like to know where people are coming from. Maybe its my new obsession alongside tag growing.

  5. Here is an example I have on my blog:
    Someone reading on the tag page located a blog article on my environmental blog using the category tag and came to my blog to read it.

    However, it's important to note that we do not have referrers stats for other vistors to our wordpress blogs.

  6. No these are not the type of links I am seeing.

    I am seeing only this...
    3 today, 2 yesterday and some others before.

  7. Interesting. Is you blog listed among the "hot" blogs on that page? Or do you have a "hot" post listed on that page? Or maybe you got some benefit from the randomization process that andy introduced a couple of days ago (we were bored with always seeing the same old, same old top 5).

  8. Well this is what I originally thought, but as far as I know I have never had a hot post nor have I ever been in the hot blogs section.
    I do have one post that has had several thousands of views but that has been over the course of several weeks. I benefited from being linked from a number of forums, but I dont think its ever been a hot post as people didn't really comment much on that, only viewed the picture.

  9. hmmm ...

  10. Yes hmmm.. its intriguing me. It will also end up being a minor annoyance if I don't find out what it is.

    Is there such a thing as OCD for blogs? :-)

  11. Maybe it has to do with the Fresh Hot Stuff that Andy talked about:

    Maybe you were featured but not anymore.

  12. Yeah .. I suggested that because of the new "hot blog" and "hot post" randomization it could have happened.

  13. I agree you were on the WordPress hot blogs or posts for that day. 2 or 3 hits, though, mean you were only there for a short time, less than an hour, so it would have been virtually impossible for you to catch that by clicking on the page. Congrats anyway.

  14. Damn. If only I had seen it I would have screencapped it for prosperity.


  15. Could always fake it, copy the page to your hard drive, edit it, load it in your browser, and screen cap it that way. :)

  16. That's evil. I'm copying that down for later use!

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