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Referrer is WordPress Dashboard - Who is it?

  1. Hi Forum Members,

    Fairly often my Stats page shows the Referrer - "WordPress Dashboard". Who is accessing my blog site when that Referrer is listed? Thank you for helping me with this curiosity. I just wish I could figure it out.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. It could be anyone. Usually people get that when you're either in the top posts of WordPress, top blogs, or you've just updated your blog. When you update you show up, for a brief moment, on the dashboards of people who've just refreshed, right down at the bottom.

    If you're seeing it repeatedly, you're probably in the Top Blogs or Top Posts. You can check through here to find yourself:

  3. Raincoaster,

    You made me laugh! I doubt very much that my blog is a "top blog" --- unless I don't know what a top blog really is. And, I very rarely do an update --- just if I notice some sort of goof up later, like a spelling error. But, I usually proof read and run the spell check, so updates are rare.

    I don't think I have enough traffic to be considered a top blog. :) But, I enjoyed looking through the blogs at the Blogs Of The Day page. I didn't realize that existed before and appreciate learning about it. There is so much to learn.

    When you say, "It could be anyone," could it be that a link to my site might be clicked while someone is checking tags from their dashboard? Computer technology is a very curious thing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I really appreciate it.

  4. "Updates" just means posts.

    And yes, anyone with a dashboard can click the links when they appear.

  5. Thank you Raincoaster. I appreciate that. Have a great day!

  6. Does the referrer "WordPress Dashboard" also come from Blog Surfer? I wondered about Tag Surfer too. Though I would think that would specify the tag as the referrer.

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