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Referrer no longer appearing (even in history)

  1. A website that I get the majority of my views from no longer shows as a referrer in my stats, not even in the history where I know there should be entries.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. To help visual this issue:

    Stats taken around new years:
    Stats taken today:

    The referrer that is missing is, as you see it is my leading referrer.

  3. Hi etaew,

    Thank you for the screenshots! That helps tremendously! I will let the internal team know and will keep you updated.


  4. I have also seen some strange referral behavior in the last two weeks or so - has been on and off the referral list the last two weeks - I published a new Post and was on their front page which gave me 200 or so referrals but the first 5 days or so I saw no referrals shown on my site - then threesheets showed up a time or two then went away and are now in history - so your display of stats have a problem

    blog with problem:

  5. Hi Auxclass,

    Thanks for the report and detail! I have added your specific issue to my initial request. I want to confirm - is, right? Or are there just two with a very similar name?


  6. is, right?

    yes the same - my spelling problems - is the correct site

    Sorry about the spelling - thanks for looking into the glitch - I had the new Post traffic site without having any spike in referrals from three sheets

  7. Ok - thanks for the clarification!

  8. Hi @etaew,

    It appears that was actually eventually flagged by our anti-spam unit as a spam site. If you feel that this site was flagged erroneously, could you let us know? We can double check and make a determination.

    @Auxclass, still checking on yours.

  9. is the unofficial forums for Dark Age of Camelot players (the target audience for the majority of my posts)

    I have been hot-linking some images hosted by my blog when providing teaser post announcements on the forums.

    Please can you un-flag them :)

  10. @Auxclass,

    Could you confirm that you are not referring to the Today and Yesterday toggle views on your stats page, when you don't see three sheets appearing and disappearing, but at your summary?

  11. It was the Today Stats (that is all I normally look at) for Jan 7, 8 & 9th and don't remember seeing any referrals from threesheetsnw - I don't look at the summery very often - then after a few days I looked at the Summery when I did see a referral from threesheetsnw - I took a look at the Summery and found many referrals from threesheetsnw -

    Thanks for checking & good luck

  12. If I look at your summary I see a bunch of referrals from three sheets, too, since it aggregates the past 7 days in the Summary view. But for today (for example) you haven't had any referrals from three sheets, so it's not on the stats for today.

    Or am I misunderstanding (completely possible...)

  13. The daily referrals were in error for the time frame of for Jan 7, 8 & 9th - which makes debug sort of difficult - some time after that the daily referrals seemed to start working for threesheetsnw - during the whole period the other referrals (from search engines etc.) seemed to be correct

  14. @zandyring do you know when a decision is likely to be made? :)

  15. Auxclass - oh I see, yes. I think that we won't be able to do much unless you can sort of "catch" it happening again and let us know. I'm really sorry for the vague reply - but do reply back or start a new thread if you see that weirdness again.

    Etaew, I don't know - I have submitted your request, but I have no idea when the team will get through their other backlog to make a decision - I'm so sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime!

  16. I know what to look for in the future - if there is an issue again I will try and get a screen shot or three and flag it early enough for you to look at it -


  17. Sounds good Auxclass!

    And Etaew, has been removed from the spam list. You should start to see those referrals popping up as usual now.


  18. Thank you, I can see ones today and in the history too. Much appreciated.

  19. Glad to be able to help!

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