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Referrer query

  1. I was going thru my referrers and the daily ones were coming but a new one got me confused. it was a google referrer and at first i thoguht a google blog search but it had mail/googleetc in that alphanumeric jargon as the link. my net is ont the fritz so the link isnt working but does anyone else get that type of referrer and what part of google is it from?

  2. Well, if it has in it, then it's from an email being read at probably.

  3. drmike - this is what I'm getting from google in my referrers…
    can you enlighten me as to what it is? The viewing is at least 3 or more pages.


    That's an international version of

  5. timethief, this is where that is coming from:

    Now if we can figure out what language that is, then we're in business. It's just like stands for Canadian Google.

  6. Cote D'Ivoire stands for the Ivory Coast. It's a country in Africa.

    All that refer means is that somebody in the Ivory Coast searched for a term that found her website.

  7. Sifting out the search queries from the referrers requires us to maintain a list of search engine urls and query keys. will be added now!

    Thanks for the report.

  8. @andy
    um ... there's another search engine queries beside (i got this from my admin page)*******

    and another google site************************

  9. MU is France I think. Bs is Bahamas. And Lk is Sri Lanka.

  10. MU is for the Republic of Mauritius. They speak French there but are a different coutry. An island off the East Coast of Africa.

  11. nosysnoop: what in the world made you think that MU concealed with France? :)

    However I'm trying to figure out how to see my own referrers, but I'm still in the quicksands. Any help? I can't find it here in the forums.

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