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    My blog is getting loads of referrer spam.
    What can I do about it?

    I’ve gone through the forums and it seems no one has found a solution?

    The blog I need help with is




    Instead of closing down all of these threads, shouldn’t there be a sticky or megathread addressing this issue? I don’t see much effort being done to resolve this concern many users are having.

    It would really be nice if WordPress can implement something like the “Report Spam Referrer” button feature. Then when someone clicks and confirms that it is spam, that person can single-click the button and report it to WordPress. Once enough reports are sent to WordPress for the same domain, WordPress should automatically block that domain from appearing as hits to any of the blog.

    I believe the same mechanism was used on YouTube comments and other sites.


    @ areteichi,

    That’s a really good idea. I have been contacting Support frequently to report spam referrers, as per their request — although I try never to click through and confirm, since that only exacerbates the problem. Generally speaking, I have had a positive experience with Support responding promptly and blocking the offending sites as quickly as they are able.

    That said, I agree with you that a sticky or dedicated button feature would make life easier. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they are addressing the growing Spam Referrers issue while on their retreat.



    How do we report those links without clicking on them, as they are all “shortened” urls.
    Do we have to click on all those links and report them individually?
    I’ve asked around, why is it that some people do not have any referrer spam?



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