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    I have a quick question regarding the ‘referrers’ under my site stats. I have noticed one today from the following:

    alipbatasaja – blogspot. cx. cc/ 02cara- internet- percuma.php

    This just seems odd, as I have no idea what this is.. and when I google it, it doesn’t find anything.

    Anyone know? – with it being so unusual, I just wonder if it’s something more suspicious.. and so I don’t really want to click the link.



    The blog I need help with is



    It’s probably a Spam Referral. There’s a sticky thread at the top of the forum explaining it.



    Thanks for that. Assuming it spam… does it have any effect at all? In other words, what is the point in a spam bot visiting your blog?



    In other words, what is the point in a spam bot visiting your blog?

    The point is that you might click the link to see who it is. They spam hundreds of thousands of blogs and probably get thousands of clicks through this.


    They just got me using the same address/referral. Redirects to an insurance site. Nasty business.



    Luckily I use Google when I see weird stuff coming by. Thanks for the warning ;)



    Problems regarding spam referrers should be addressed to Support Staff either at or support[at] . I would recommend the moderator to remove the spam link (we don’t want to advertise spam sites.) I’ve tagged this thread for that.

    [Staff Update: I put some spaces in the address so it’s not clickable.]



    Here’s another / similar one:

    [link redacted due to forum policy] -sl1k

    Link modified with spaces ;)



    @everyone reading this thread please re-frame from posting anymore spam links I see staff modified the above link but it is not recommend to post anymore links due to forum policy of not supporting spam sites via the Forums,

    Please direct all questionable links straight to staff via the support contact form



    I am sorry, but what you did, removing the text (it wasn’t a link anymore since it was me who added the spaces) isn’t helping anyone. How am I suppose to forward it now?

    Sure. I will refrain from posting more text here (again, it wasn’t a link) to make it clear that all links with this specific trailing part are potential spam links.

    I have another link, with the same last part in it, but the message should be clear now.



    How am I suppose to forward it now?

    By sending it to support the way sl1k said: with the contact form. (to display the form, search for anything in the search engine, then indicate that you haven’t found the answer to your question)



    I re-read your question and I think I understand. You don’t have the URL in question at hand? Go to your referrers (“View all”) to locate it if needed.




    No Need to be sorry I can see by staff not removing the link above and turning it into text format does give the impression to anyone else experiencing the same issue to post the spam links here as links or text format… But unfortunately staff has made it clear to the moderators to not allow questionable links regardless if the format is a link or text…

    The only reason I didn’t remove the text link from the OP’s post is because staff made the choice to keep the link and turn the link into text format which normally they don’t do they usually remove the link…

    P.s. The message I wrote above was ment for everyone that considers posting to this thread I did add @everyone to make it more clear the reply is for everyone.


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