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    I see a lot of referrals from wordpress tag pages (for example – Can anyone tell me where are people finding this page from? Does wordpress publish this page somewhere? Thanks



    Click the link in your own post. All categories created in WP blogs become tags. These tags are both local to your site ( as well as global to WP. ( This allows users to see what you’ve written on a specific category or tag as well as what other users are writing in the same category or tag. As far as I can tell (and I only looked two pages in,) you’re the only person on WP out of some 163,000 users who has anything posted in that category.



    Thanks. How are other people finding ? I’m seeing this a lot in my referrer logs. Also this url but with the page numbers – e.g. /2, /3, /4. Does wordpress somehow publish this to the world or are people searching worldpress tags and getting these pages?



    They’re viewing the page and clicking thru. When you visit the tag page in question, you’ll see a Next link at the bottom of it. Those are where the page numbers are coming from. Visitors are looking at those tag pages and clicking through to answer your last question but I’m sure the search engines have picked up on them.

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