Referrers – how does this work?

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    I do not post to my blog regularly, however, it remains popular with regular visitors. My concern is: each time I view my stats, I notice under the referrer, someone keeps putting the same word “applesauce” (I wrote a post that contained applesauce), and beside the word is 80, or the next day 22, or maybe the next day 75 and so forth. This person cannot be viewing my blog articles this many times?

    Should I put the blog on private for a bit? Is this a hacker?


    Is the number on the right end or is it only one space after the word applesauce? If it’s clear to the right, then it would be that many referrals. If it’s one space after the word, then someone is searching for “applesauce 80” or 22 or whatever.



    the number is under the heading ‘views’
    so looks like this: applesauce 80
    Each day there is a different number of views – who would be looking for applesauce 80 times or however times?



    oops! should have said the views are clear to the right – so the # is clear to the right


    Is it under search engine terms, or under referrers? If it’s under referrers, you should be able to click on the word applesauce and be taken to the referring site. If it’s under search engine terms, then it’s probably legitimate hits. Another blogger was getting hits off the word “kitten” because she had an image in one of her posts (not about kittens) which had “kitten” in the file name.



    This is under ‘search engine terms’. Why would anyone want to ‘hit’ this many times? But I see what you mean about images, as there is one within the article.


    Given that there are millions using the search engines every day, this can happen. Give that, 22 or 75 or even 80 searches per day for “applesauce” isn’t that unexpected.

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