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Referrers problem

  1. When I go to my Dashboard, I see the short list of referrers, but when I open the link
    to see the full list they all disappear.

  2. I just tried it and I get the same problem.

  3. I gather you mean the Referrer list on your Blog Stats page? I'll send in a feedback and point this out to staff.

    [Feedback sent - drmike]

  4. Speaking of the referrers on the blog stats page, there is another thing: They never have the www-part at the beginning.
    In some cases, this is no problem, but in other cases I have to add the 'www' manually to see where my visitors came from, which is annoying:

    Example from the referrer list: => error, page cannot be found

    Corrected: => works

    [Even the forum software cuts off the www. :-( ]

    I sent feedback about this some time ago but did not get a response, and nothing has changed since then.
    Am I the only one who has this?

  5. I'm looking into the problem now.

  6. Looks good now.

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